Socialist Equality Party Campaign In California Midterm Elections

Kevin Mitchell for U.S. Congress

Kevin Mitchell, 30, studied film at the University of California Riverside and was raised in Southern California. Based in San Diego, he is a writer for the WSWS and covers issues ranging from immigration to homelessness and the social crisis. He also contributes regularly to articles on film and culture. Kevin joined the Socialist Equality Party in 2007 after having been radicalized by the Iraq War and the SEP’s intervention in the 2006 midterm elections.

Our Platform

The Socialist Equality Party candidates will use the campaign to advance the socialist alternative to capitalism and raise the political consciousness of workers and youth. The SEP candidates oppose all forms of national chauvinism, racism and anti-immigrant baiting. They fight to unify all workers in California, the United States and internationally and prepare the working class for the historic struggles that lie ahead.

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