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Michigan governor declares financial emergency in Wayne County

December 7
The methods used in the Detroit bankruptcy are being repeated in Michigan’s most populous county to loot pensions, slash benefits, and privatize services.

New Snowden documents detail political and corporate espionage by US, UK

July 3
The NSA has carried out systematic surveillance against more than 100 heads of state.

At least four killed in PEMEX explosion in Gulf of Mexico

April 3
The oil rig disaster has unfolded in the midst of Mexico’s accelerating privatization of its state-owned oil firm, PEMEX.

Clashes erupt on West Bank after child is murdered by Zionist settlers

15 hours 13 min ago
Friday’s arson attack bears the hallmarks of previous atrocities committed by religious nationalist forces.

The political bankruptcy of Syriza’s Left Platform

15 hours 13 min ago
By giving Tsipras a green light to negotiate more EU austerity, Syriza’s Central Committee has exposed the Left Platform’s claims that there is broad opposition to austerity within Syriza.

Prosecutor declines to bring charges against Cincinnati cops who lied to protect killer of Samuel DuBose

15 hours 13 min ago
The victim’s family has demanded that one of the officers be charged for making false statements on a police incident report.

Sanders talks “left” and moves right

15 hours 13 min ago
After calling for a “political revolution” against the billionaires before a national audience Wednesday, Sanders spoke in quite a different vein to upper-middle class audiences Thursday and Friday.

German federal prosecutor investigates blog for treason

15 hours 13 min ago
If a similar procedure were implemented in the US it would mean that any journalist who wrote on the material exposed by Edward Snowden would be liable for prosecution.

Unidentified gunmen fire on Sri Lankan election rally

15 hours 13 min ago
The violent attack is another symptom of the political tensions underpinning the bitter rivalry in the August 17 election campaign.

Australian unions promote anti-Chinese nationalism

15 hours 13 min ago
Amid growing unemployment, union leaders are staging protests to denounce a Free Trade Agreement with China.

Airplane debris may be from missing flight MH370

15 hours 13 min ago
If the wing-flap is found to belong to MH370, it would be the first piece of evidence that the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean.

Glasgow homeless caseworkers’ strike ended

15 hours 13 min ago
Caseworkers will be returning to an even more chaotic and failing service compared with 17 weeks ago.

Socialist Equality Party holds first election meeting in Sri Lanka’s north

15 hours 13 min ago
Hundreds of shoppers and passers-by listened to the SEP’s open-air election meeting in Kayts.

<em>Trainwreck</em>: The latest from Judd Apatow

15 hours 13 min ago
In Apatow’s Trainwreck, Amy Schumer, the stand-up comic and writer, is the psychological mess of the title.

NATO scrambles jets against Russian aircraft over the Baltic Sea

15 hours 13 min ago
So far in 2015, NATO fighters have been scrambled more than 250 times to intercept Russian aircraft over Europe.

Tensions between India and Pakistan escalate despite Modi-Sharif meeting

15 hours 13 min ago
India’s 15-month-old BJP government continues to integrate New Delhi ever more completely into the Washington’s anti-China “pivot.”

Economic slowdown in Peru ignites social tensions

15 hours 13 min ago
Two out of three Peruvians report being unable to live off of their salaries, while just 113 families monopolize 46 percent of the country’s wealth.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

15 hours 13 min ago
The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

US homeownership rate hits lowest level since 1967

July 31
Despite six years of economic “recovery,” many indicators show that American households are worse off than they were during the depths of the 2008 economic crisis.

Royal Dutch Shell to slash 6,500 jobs

July 31
Energy companies have announced nearly 50,000 layoffs in the last three months amid a slump in oil prices and a slowdown in the global economy.


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