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Updated: 36 min 35 sec ago

Immigrants in Los Angeles denounce police repression worldwide

July 13
Workers and youth from El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico expressed opposition to state violence, poverty and social inequality.

An interview with Professor Marc Edwards on the Flint water crisis

July 2
The Virginia Tech University professor responsible for revealing the Flint water crisis to the world speaks about the complicity of government agencies in concealing dangerous levels of lead in public drinking water.

US Navy to continue Black Sea incursions, brushing aside Russian demands

June 6
Rather than countering “Russian aggression,” the breakneck militarization of the Black Sea is rooted in the drive by the US and European powers to control the Eurasian landmass.

German corporations donate to Trump

18 hours 1 min ago
According to a report by the news weekly Die Welt, more than two-thirds of US campaign contributions by large German corporations have benefited the Republicans.

Protests follow the death of teenager in Liverpool

18 hours 1 min ago
Footage shows Mzee Mohammed face down, barefoot and apparently unconscious while appearing to have his hands cuffed behind his back.

The pro-capitalist program of the US Green Party

18 hours 1 min ago
The Green Party is a bourgeois party, representing the interests of privileged strata of the upper-middle class.

Workers discuss social crisis in Philadelphia on eve of Democratic National Convention

18 hours 1 min ago
Workers and young people spoke with Socialist Equality Party candidate for US president, Jerry White, about social inequality in the city.

US vice-president’s trip triggers debate on US-China conflict

18 hours 1 min ago
A full-scale US assault on China would almost certainly escalate into a nuclear war, in which millions died.

Paul Krugman attacks Trump from the right on Russia

18 hours 1 min ago
Trump’s questioning whether the US should go to war over the Baltic states prompted denunciations from both “liberal” Democrats like Krugman and right-wing Republicans.

Massive police operation follows deadly attack on Munich shopping centre

18 hours 1 min ago
German security forces conducted a huge anti-terror operation in the city of Munich, where, according to the latest reports, 10 people were shot dead and at least 21 injured.

In signal to military, Hillary Clinton picks Senator Tim Kaine as running mate

18 hours 1 min ago
In selecting Kaine, Clinton is making clear that she plans on running a right-wing, pro-war campaign targeted at winning over the military and sections of the Republican Party dissatisfied with Trump.

French president, British prime minister meet to discuss Brexit crisis

18 hours 1 min ago
Hollande shifted towards a more accommodating position, giving Britain more time to negotiate the exit and reaffirming Britain’s role as a key military ally of France.

Leadership contest prompts mass sign-up to UK Labour Party

18 hours 1 min ago
Owen Smith, Corbyn’s challenger for the leadership, voted in support of setting up a no-fly zone in Libya and for air strikes in Iraq.

Ruling maintains ban on Russian track and field athletes from Rio Olympics

18 hours 1 min ago
The ruling came only two days after the World Anti-Doping Agency called for all Russian athletes to be banned from next month’s summer games in Brazil.

US government investigates allegations Fiat-Chrysler falsified sales figures

18 hours 1 min ago
The auto company confirmed that it is under investigation by both the SEC and the FBI for an alleged scheme to pad its monthly sales totals.

State officials work to obscure water crisis in Flint

18 hours 1 min ago
The appointment of BP’s former spokesperson as Michigan’s new environmental director highlights the official cover-up in the Flint water crisis.

Minnesota nurses contract talks continue with Allina Health

18 hours 1 min ago
Negotiators for Allina Health are sticking fast to their demands for the gutting of health care plans for 4,800 nurses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro region.

Papua New Guinea government survives no-confidence motion

18 hours 1 min ago
With protests and strikes set to continue, yesterday’s parliamentary vote will not end the country’s political crisis.

Jobs losses continue in Australia as slump deepens

18 hours 1 min ago
The job cuts further highlight the impact of falling commodity prices and declining demand in China and throughout Asia.

Socialist Equality Party (Germany) placed on ballot for Berlin election

18 hours 1 min ago
The Berlin State Elections Committee voted unanimously to allow the state-wide list of candidates of the Socialist Equality Party (Partei für Soziale Gleichheit—PSG) to participate in the elections for the Berlin House of Representatives in September.