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Updated: 1 hour 13 min ago

Michigan governor declares financial emergency in Wayne County

December 7
The methods used in the Detroit bankruptcy are being repeated in Michigan’s most populous county to loot pensions, slash benefits, and privatize services.

Amazon office workers subjected to brutal exploitation

August 8
Amazon’s white-collar employees are routinely expected to work 80 hour workweeks and are penalized for any lost productivity, including from pregnancy or serious illness.

New Snowden documents detail political and corporate espionage by US, UK

July 3
The NSA has carried out systematic surveillance against more than 100 heads of state.

At least four killed in PEMEX explosion in Gulf of Mexico

April 3
The oil rig disaster has unfolded in the midst of Mexico’s accelerating privatization of its state-owned oil firm, PEMEX.

Outpouring of support for WSWS Autoworker Newsletter among US autoworkers

20 hours 25 min ago
Hundreds of workers from the United States have signed-up to support the WSWS’s Autoworker Newsletter, which is having a major impact at auto plants across the country.

Thousands of refugees held at Budapest train station

20 hours 25 min ago
Record numbers of refugees are fleeing Syria and other countries devastated by the intervention of the Western powers.

For a united struggle of US steel, auto and telecommunications workers!

20 hours 25 min ago
Amidst rising anger among workers throughout the United States, the unions are working to suppress opposition to the relentless assault on wages and benefits.

German chancellor feigns sympathy for refugees

20 hours 25 min ago
The policy of the German government is characterised by a disregard for refugees fleeing for their lives from the war zones in the Middle East and Africa.

Washington launches new drone assassination program in Syria

20 hours 25 min ago
The previously secret “targeted killing” program appears to be aimed at beheading ISIS.

Trident Juncture 2015: NATO’s biggest manoeuvre since 2002

20 hours 25 min ago
The manoeuvres will be held in Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Mediterranean with 36,000 soldiers from all 28 NATO partner countries and five other allies.

IYSSE supporters protest ban on IYSSE at University of Melbourne

20 hours 25 min ago
The IYSSE is urging WSWS readers to protest against the University of Melbourne’s Clubs and Societies Committee attack on the fundamental democratic rights of students.

BlueScope Steel workers speak with the WSWS

20 hours 25 min ago
BlueScope Steel workers from the company’s Port Kembla plant, south of Sydney spoke with the World Socialist Web Site reporters at an early morning mass meeting in Wollongong yesterday . The Australian Workers Union (AWU) and other unions have responded to the management’s threat to shut the plant, Australia’s largest steel making plant, by promising to assist the company slash up to 500 jobs as part of $200 million cost-cutting restructure.

Millions of Indian workers strike against Modi government’s pro-market reforms

20 hours 25 min ago
While workers are determined to defend their jobs and living conditions, the unions used the strike to let off steam and keep workers tied to the political establishment.

Northern Illinois town on lockdown as police manhunt continues

20 hours 25 min ago
Police have responded to the shooting of an officer with a massive paramilitary manhunt, putting the town of Fox Lake, Illinois on lockdown.

Man shot to death by police in San Antonio, Texas while trying to surrender

20 hours 25 min ago
A bystander video shows that Gilbert Flores was shot twice by San Antonio police officers despite raising his hands to surrender.

Wildfires in US Pacific Northwest continue to burn

20 hours 25 min ago
The impact of drought and forestry budget cuts have contributed to a violent fire season along the Pacific Coast.

Summer schools of France’s Socialist and Left Parties prepare swing to the right

20 hours 25 min ago
The French Socialist Party and the Left Party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon are preparing alliances with right-wing forces explicitly hostile to socialism.

Spain increases its presence in Africa

20 hours 25 min ago
There are currently around 1,000 Spanish soldiers in 10 land, air and naval missions on African soil.

Australian economy slides towards recession

20 hours 25 min ago
The corporate elite is demanding that the economic reversal be used to drive through a new wave of attacks on jobs, living standards and working conditions.

Australian steel unions enforce destruction of jobs and conditions

20 hours 25 min ago
The unions have pledged to defend BlueScope Steel’s profits and provide the company with $200 million in cost-cutting measures.


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