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Updated: 1 hour 11 min ago

New Snowden documents detail political and corporate espionage by US, UK

July 3
The NSA has carried out systematic surveillance against more than 100 heads of state.

At least four killed in PEMEX explosion in Gulf of Mexico

April 3
The oil rig disaster has unfolded in the midst of Mexico’s accelerating privatization of its state-owned oil firm, PEMEX.

Report documents carnage of US drone war in Yemen

June 17
A report released this week documents nine separate instances in which workers, merchants, pregnant women and children were either killed or wounded by American airstrikes.

US seizes on FIFA corruption to pursue campaign against Russia

19 hours 2 min ago
The rampant financial corruption within football’s ruling body is being utilised by the US primarily as a propaganda weapon against Russia, chosen by FIFA to host the 2018 World Cup.

Federal court upholds block on Obama immigration plan

19 hours 2 min ago
The Obama administration appears to have already accepted that its proposal for a slowdown in deportations will be shelved until at least 2016.

Why did the US Army ship live anthrax?

19 hours 2 min ago
The report that a US military lab sent live samples of anthrax, a deadly bioweapon, to facilities in nine US states and to a US military base in South Korea, raises many questions.

Rohingya refugees abused and killed in camps in Malaysia/Thailand

19 hours 2 min ago
The special meeting on Indian Ocean refugees today in Bangkok will do nothing to ease the plight of thousands of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis fleeing persecution.

Life inside a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh

19 hours 2 min ago
Over 200,000 Burmese Rohingya live in scores of refugee settlements in Bangladesh.

Australian economy heading for recession

19 hours 2 min ago
The rapid fall in business investment has shattered the scenario on which official economic policy has been based.

Judge orders release of photo showing Chicago cops posing as hunters with “suspect” wearing antlers

19 hours 2 min ago
The obscene photograph underscores the increasingly criminal and misanthropic outlook of police in the United States.

Nebraska abolishes death penalty

19 hours 2 min ago
The move by the US state takes place amid growing popular opposition to capital punishment following a string of gruesome “botched” executions.

UAW, Fiat Chrysler maintain silence on death of skilled trades worker

19 hours 2 min ago
Donald Megge, a 53-year-old skilled trades worker at the Jefferson North plant in Detroit was crushed to death May 5 while performing maintenance on a filter press.

Canada’s NDP pledges to “partner” with business as its poll numbers jump

19 hours 2 min ago
Should the NDP form Canada’s next government, it will uphold the interests of the Canadian bourgeoisie no less ruthlessly than the Conservatives or Liberals.

French Prime Minister Valls imposes unpopular school reforms by decree

19 hours 2 min ago
The imposition of the reform by decree underscores official contempt for the working class, public opinion and the struggle for high quality education.

Sri Lankan president postpones parliamentary election

19 hours 2 min ago
Sirisena has refused to set a poll date, breaking his promise to dissolve parliament on April 23 and call an election.

Austerity budget deepens Puerto Rico’s economic crisis

19 hours 2 min ago
While the lack of health care funding causes scenes reminiscent of Greece, the Puerto Rican government is preparing a budget that will impose drastic cuts.

ANC whips up racism amid xenophobic attacks in South Africa

19 hours 2 min ago
The anti-immigrant agitation is aimed at diverting attention from the disastrous impact of the pro-capitalist policies pursued by the ANC and its partners since coming to power in 1994.

Wall Street buybacks: Another expression of parasitism

19 hours 2 min ago
An article in the Wall Street Journal this week has pointed to the growing role of share buybacks as a source of profit accumulation.

Münkler receives support from the far right in Germany

19 hours 2 min ago
The weekly paper Junge Freiheit, mouthpiece of the New Right, has declared its support for the campaign against critical students at Berlin’s Humboldt University.

Help the WSWS expose the US-led drive to war in Asia!

19 hours 2 min ago
In this video, James Cogan, national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), calls on readers to help the WSWS continue its exposure of the provocative US-led confrontation with China in the South China Sea.


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