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Updated: 48 min 43 sec ago

New Snowden documents detail political and corporate espionage by US, UK

July 3
The NSA has carried out systematic surveillance against more than 100 heads of state.

Detroit emergency manager hands tens of millions of dollars to consulting firms

November 23
Even as Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is imposing brutal cuts in city workers’ pensions and health benefits, he is handing out at least $62 million in city revenues to private consultants.

LAPD suppresses autopsy reports in police killings

October 9
Los Angeles Police Department detectives shot unarmed 24-year-old Ezell Ford six times in the back on August 11, less than two weeks after the August 2 killing of Omar Abrego.

Thirteen thousand hospital operations cancelled in Wales

October 2
A Welsh government spokesman hypocritically declared, "We are committed to reducing the number of cancelled operations across Wales.”

Obama’s “coalition of the willing” against Syria, Iran

4 hours 28 min ago
Using the pretext of attacking ISIS militias, the US has revived its plans directed at ousting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and also against Syria’s backers, Iran and Russia.

Six years since the Wall Street crash

4 hours 28 min ago
Six years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the world economy has not only failed to recover, the conditions for a new financial catastrophe are in the making.

US Congress to vote to fund Syrian “rebels”

4 hours 28 min ago
The House will act on Monday, followed shortly by the Senate, with both parties expected to provide top-heavy majorities for stepped-up US intervention in the Syrian civil war.

Families of journalists murdered by ISIS threatened with prosecution by US government

4 hours 28 min ago
The families of journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, both beheaded by ISIS, have come forward about threats from the Obama administration of prosecution if they paid the ransoms demanded for their sons’ lives.

Australian government commits warplanes, troops to Iraq war

4 hours 28 min ago
Yesterday’s announcement by Prime Minister Tony Abbott that up to 600 Australian military personnel and 10 aircraft will be deployed within the week to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to “contribute” to fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is surrounded by deception and lies. While Abbott declared that Australia was involved in a “humanitarian operation,” the real aim of the new US-led war is regime-change against the Iranian and Russian-backed government in Syria.

Demonstration of two million organised by Catalan National Assembly

4 hours 28 min ago
Despite its conflict with the Popular Party government over the control of resources, the Catalan government is in total agreement that the working class must pay for the economic crisis.

Peña Nieto pushes oil privatization in Mexico

4 hours 28 min ago
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto used his September 2 State of the Union address to promote his agenda of turning over Mexico’s energy resources to foreign corporations.

Rhode Island pension-cutter wins Democratic primary

4 hours 28 min ago
State Treasurer Gina Raimondo, a former hedge fund manger with ties to the ultra-right Manhattan Institute, has made a national reputation as an enemy of public employees.

San Jose, California police acquire a drone

4 hours 28 min ago
The drone, purchased with federal grant money, will be made available to 13 other bomb squads in the Bay Area.

California Governor Brown signs sick leave bill

4 hours 28 min ago
AB 1522, with its three paid sick days, is a political maneuver on the part of California Democrats, Governor Brown, and the unions in the lead-up to the elections in November.

Honolulu city officials vote to transfer homeless to former WWII internment camp

4 hours 28 min ago
The City Council has moved to criminalize the homeless in order to maintain its beaches as a tourist attraction.

Sand mining in Wisconsin and Minnesota threatens access to safe water and clean air

4 hours 28 min ago
The last decade has seen a rapid rise in sand mining in the US in line with the dramatic surge of hydro-fracturing.

French government threatens another war against Libya

4 hours 28 min ago
Paris is calling for a new intervention in Libya, supposedly to fight the Islamist forces it armed during the 2011 NATO war.

Counterfire attacks socialist opposition to Scottish nationalism

4 hours 28 min ago
The Counterfire group, a split-off from Britain’s Socialist Workers Party, has published a political apologia for the Scottish National Party and Scottish nationalism.

<em>Who Owns Germany?</em> Documenting the widening gulf between rich and poor

4 hours 28 min ago
Berger’s book reveals startling facts about the redistribution of wealth from the bottom to the top of German society.

This week in history: September 15-21

4 hours 28 min ago
This Week in History provides brief synopses of important historical events whose anniversaries fall this week.