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An interview with Professor Marc Edwards on the Flint water crisis

July 2
The Virginia Tech University professor responsible for revealing the Flint water crisis to the world speaks about the complicity of government agencies in concealing dangerous levels of lead in public drinking water.

US Navy to continue Black Sea incursions, brushing aside Russian demands

June 6
Rather than countering “Russian aggression,” the breakneck militarization of the Black Sea is rooted in the drive by the US and European powers to control the Eurasian landmass.

On eve of Brexit referendum, mounting warnings of global trade war

July 22
The World Trade Organization warned that protectionist measures by leading economies has hit the highest level on records dating back to 2009.

After Brexit, mounting warnings of global slump and financial panic

2 hours 30 min ago
The ongoing sell-off in global financial markets comes amid a chorus of warnings by international institutions that the world economy faces a deepening crisis.

The way forward after the Brexit referendum

2 hours 30 min ago
The only certainty in the aftermath of the Leave vote is that the assault on the working class will be intensified, as the ruling elite demand greater sacrifices in the “national interest.”

Clinton seizes on Brexit vote to tout her credentials as defender of Washington’s global interests

2 hours 30 min ago
Clinton responded to the British vote to leave the EU by reaffirming her claim to be the most qualified commander-in-chief for American imperialism in a crisis situation.

Amid mass abstention, right-wing PP wins Spanish elections

2 hours 30 min ago
The result is particularly humiliating for the Unidos Podemos led by Pablo Iglesias, the coalition put together by the Stalinist-led United Left and Podemos.

Taiwanese airline cabin crews strike

2 hours 30 min ago
The walk-out highlights the growing anger more broadly throughout the Taiwanese working class.

Divided Supreme Court rejects challenge to affirmative action

2 hours 30 min ago
The protracted and embittered litigation over affirmative action highlights the policy’s central importance to the political, corporate and military establishment.

Southern West Virginia communities devastated by flash floods

2 hours 30 min ago
Remote towns in the mountainous coalfield region of the state are assessing the destruction from last week’s historic flooding.

Michigan governor signs Detroit Public Schools dissolution measures

2 hours 30 min ago
Hundreds of teachers and parents turned out for a town hall informational meeting called by local Democrats to explain the legislative deal which will terminate the Detroit Public Schools.

Detroit teachers and parents speak out against public school reorganization

2 hours 30 min ago
Teachers and parents spoke to the WSWS at a public town hall meeting held in the wake of the legislative deal to dissolve the 174-year-old Detroit Public Schools.

Michigan public school teacher messages of solidarity with Mexican teachers

2 hours 30 min ago
Michigan public school teachers express their support for teachers in Oaxaca and throughout Mexico in the face of last week’s government massacre.

Half of ArcelorMittal workers abstain as USW pushes through concessions deal

2 hours 30 min ago
The deal paves the way for an accelerated attack on the jobs, wages, health and retiree benefits of workers at the US facilities owned by the world’s largest steelmaking company.

Australian youth face historic social reversal

2 hours 30 min ago
Today’s young people confront higher unemployment , more insecure work, increased housing costs, greater debts and higher tuition fees than earlier generations.

World Wealth Report 2016: The number of German millionaires increases

2 hours 30 min ago
Along with the US, Japan and China, Germany is one of the four countries with the most millionaires in the world.

The Australian election’s “save Medicare” fraud

2 hours 30 min ago
For four decades, the reality has been one of a relentless assault on public health care by Labor and Coalition governments alike.

Minnesota nurses union shuts down strike without new contract

2 hours 30 min ago
As the week-long walkout by Minnesota nurses concludes, nurses have been ordered back to work without the slightest concession from Allina Health executives.

This week in history: June 27-July 3

2 hours 30 min ago
This Week in History provides brief synopses of important historical events whose anniversaries fall this week.

New Zealand extends military deployment in Iraq

2 hours 30 min ago
Under the pretext of fighting terrorism, New Zealand soldiers are assisting the predatory US war to dominate the Middle East.