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An interview with Professor Marc Edwards on the Flint water crisis

July 2
The Virginia Tech University professor responsible for revealing the Flint water crisis to the world speaks about the complicity of government agencies in concealing dangerous levels of lead in public drinking water.

Civilian deaths in Syria surge as US-Russian brokered ceasefire unravels

April 30
American support for the ceasefire was a tactical maneuver, aimed at buying time for US forces to prepare a renewed push.

The demise of Sanders’ “political revolution”

April 30
Sanders’ entire campaign has been dedicated to preventing the rising tide of popular opposition in the United States from breaking out of the straitjacket of the Democratic Party.

UK Labour leadership, bowing to right-wing campaign, suspends Ken Livingstone

April 30
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has capitulated to a scurrilous campaign to portray Livingstone as an anti-Semite.

Hundreds protest outside Trump campaign events in California

April 30
The billionaire candidate is working to stoke up xenophobic sentiments in order to direct social opposition into extreme nationalist and militarist channels.

Sanders campaigns in West Virginia

April 30
WSWS reporters spoke with workers and youth at a Bernie Sanders campaign rally in Huntington, West Virginia.

Sanders’ phony “Medicare for All” proposal

April 30
The purpose of Sanders’ proposal is not to transform the US health care system, but to promote illusions that such a transformation can be achieved through the Democratic Party under capitalism.

US military whitewashes attack on Afghan hospital

April 30
The Pentagon’s contrived account of human errors and equipment failure is intended to avoid the more obvious conclusion that the US military deliberately targeted the hospital.

German army assumes leadership of military buildup against Russia

April 30
NATO’s aggressive plans sharpen the confrontation with Russia and bring the world closer to a third world war.

Germany: Left Party state government organizes brutal deportations in Thuringia

April 30
Since the end of last year, the Left Party-led state government has organised regular mass deportations.

Verizon strikers react to company ultimatum

April 30
Verizon workers are determined to continue their fight for jobs, wages and working conditions, while the unions are isolating the strike and seeking a way to impose management demands.

Baltimore police shoot 14-year-old boy

April 30
On Wednesday, Dedric Colvin was shot twice when Baltimore police mistook his BB gun for a pistol.

IMF, European Union, Syriza government prepare more austerity in Greece

April 30
European and US authorities are again threatening to force Greece to default on its debts if it does not impose new social cuts.

Unsafe Edinburgh schools expose scandal of privatisation

April 30
Sixteen Edinburgh schools remain closed after the private consortium that built and managed the properties was unable to guarantee the safety of the buildings.

Workers and students in India and Sri Lanka endorse International May Day Online rally

April 30
Colombo, Chennai, Bangalore and Madras residents speak out about the dangers of war and the need for a unified international struggle for socialism.

The reality of poverty in America: A reply to Obama’s “frustration” over social discontent

April 30
The policies of the Obama administration have produced the predictable and desired outcome of soaring wealth for a small minority and poverty, unemployment and low-wage jobs for the vast majority.

Mehring Books launching May Day sale

April 30
In its May Day sale, Mehring Books is offering significant discounts on its wide selection of Marxist works.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

April 30
The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

US Vice President Biden travels to Iraq for crisis talks

April 29
The unannounced trip is the highest-level official US visit to Iraq since the emergence of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Verizon makes “last, best and final offer” to striking workers

April 29
The ultimatum comes as the unions continue to isolate 39,000 telecom workers who are now in the third week of their strike with the telecom giant.