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Updated: 39 min 55 sec ago

Michigan governor declares financial emergency in Wayne County

December 7
The methods used in the Detroit bankruptcy are being repeated in Michigan’s most populous county to loot pensions, slash benefits, and privatize services.

Study finds 100,000 to 240,000 Texas women have attempted self-induced abortions

November 20
The study comes in the wake of 2013 legislation that saw the number of abortion clinics in Texas fall from 41 to 18.

Research on antidepressant drugs distorted by pharmaceutical industry

November 20
Authors with links to industry were 22 times less likely to report negative statements about antidepressant drugs than authors with no industry affiliation.

Amazon office workers subjected to brutal exploitation

August 8
Amazon’s white-collar employees are routinely expected to work 80 hour workweeks and are penalized for any lost productivity, including from pregnancy or serious illness.

New Snowden documents detail political and corporate espionage by US, UK

July 3
The NSA has carried out systematic surveillance against more than 100 heads of state.

At least four killed in PEMEX explosion in Gulf of Mexico

April 3
The oil rig disaster has unfolded in the midst of Mexico’s accelerating privatization of its state-owned oil firm, PEMEX.

European governments plan intensified military intervention in Syria

21 hours 13 min ago
Whoever is not prepared for military intervention n the struggle of the major powers for influence in the Middle East will be left out of any division of the spoils

British PM sets out plans for Syrian partition and moves against Russia

21 hours 13 min ago
Cameron’s speech was a conscious and wilful deception of the British public as to the advanced dangers of a new world war.

New data on police foreknowledge of terrorists raise questions on Paris attack

21 hours 13 min ago
While the state is giving massive new powers to police supposedly to stop terrorism, intelligence agencies could have stopped the attacks with their existing powers.

German government sends more troops to Mali and northern Iraq

21 hours 13 min ago
While presented as “help for France” in response to the Paris attacks, these missions have been planned long in advance and are integral to Germany’s aggressive new foreign policy.

Giant US insurer threatens to exit Obamacare coverage

21 hours 13 min ago
With health insurers leaving the health care exchanges and individuals facing soaring costs, the fraud of Obamacare is being revealed more clearly with each passing year.

Manhattan Project fallout: Nuclear waste health catastrophe in St. Louis, Missouri

21 hours 13 min ago
Nuclear waste dumps from the Manhattan Project have resulted in clustering of unusually high cancer rates in younger people and children.

A portrait of Birmingham, Alabama neighborhood where one-year-old was killed

21 hours 13 min ago
The East Lake neighborhood, one of Birmingham’s oldest, has a reputation for poverty, violence and drug abuse.

New Zealand: Five years after the Pike River mine disaster

21 hours 13 min ago
No one has been brought to justice because the company, successive governments and the unions are all complicit in the unsafe conditions that led to the tragedy.

India: Modi announces new wave of pro-investor reforms

21 hours 13 min ago
In an attempt to kick-start India’s languishing economy, the BJP government has raised or outright eliminated foreign investment caps.

Australian state government rejects Chinese bid for electricity company

21 hours 13 min ago
State Grid’s offer was turned down after a hysterical campaign presenting it as a threat to “national security.”

Australian bushfires tragically confirm Climate Council warnings

21 hours 13 min ago
Hot, dry weather conducive to bushfires is extending beyond the traditional summer months.

Syria and the South China Sea: Two flashpoints for world war

21 hours 13 min ago
US strategists have long regarded the Eurasian landmass as the key to world domination and view China and Russia as the chief obstacles to American ambitions.

<em>Iraqi Odyssey</em> opens in the US

21 hours 13 min ago
This elegantly composed documentary attempts to interweave the complex saga of the director’s own family with the larger history of Iraq over the past half-century or more.

Belgian workers strike during anti-terror lockdown undermined by trade unions

21 hours 13 min ago
The trade unions kept the strike within regional limits, blocking it from spreading along the whole network of the national railway system.