CAUS and the fight against utility shutoffs

The Committee Against Utility Shutoffs

In May 2010, workers and young people voted to establish the Committee Against Utility Shutoffs (CAUS) to take forward the work initiated by the Citizens Inquiry into the Dexter Avenue Fire: Utility Shutoffs and the Social Crisis in Detroit. The Citizens Inquiry was launched by the Socialist Equality Party after a series of deadly house fires in Detroit that were the result of the shutoff of gas and electrical service by the local utility monopoly, DTE Energy.

In addition to showing the deadly consequences of the policies of the utility companies, CAUS has exposed the intimate connections between these corporate giants and the Democratic Party political establishment in Detroit. At the federal level, the Obama administration has slashed spending on home heating assistance after bailing out the banks.

The utilities crisis facing Detroit-area residents is part of the broader assault against working people, who are losing their jobs and their homes, seeing their wages cut and funding for social programs slashed.

CAUS calls for:

  • End all utility shutoffs! Restore services to all those cut off from gas and electricity!
  • Turn the utility companies into public enterprises, run democratically for social need not private profit!
  • Hold DTE and its executives legally responsible for the deaths caused by utility shutoffs!
  • Establish a multitrillion-dollar public works program to rebuild Detroit and other cities!

The Dexter Avenue Inquiry into House Fires and Utility Shutofffs

CAUS March: End Utility Shutoffs!