Three years after the poisoning of the water, Flint residents confront an entrenched political establishment, determined to “move forward” to “normalcy” by denying the needs of the population. All the Democratic and Republican politicians from the local mayor and city council to Governor Snyder and to former president Obama are abandoning their pretext of sympathy for Flint residents, demanding payment for undrinkable water under threat of the loss of homes, whose value has already plummeted due to the disaster they themselves created. Bottled water availability will be ended. Desperately needed health care is still being denied to many, and the program to rebuild the water infrastructure is no more than a public relations ploy.

The determined fight by residents has brought the crime against Flint’s population to national and international attention. Fundamental political lessons must be drawn from the last three years. The crime against Flint was and continues to be a class crime. Revelations of lead poisoning and neglected water infrastructure all across the country have been uncovered in the last year-and-a-half, posing a social disaster of titanic proportions. The politicians of both capitalist parties want only to move past this.

A new way forward must be based on organizing the working class—the overwhelming majority of society—to fight for its own class interests. Workers and young people—black, white, Hispanic and immigrant—must organize independently from both Democrats and Republicans, which both represent the financial oligarchy.

The meeting will outline a new orientation that fights for safe water, healthcare and basic needs for a quality life—not based on what the capitalist system can afford—but as social rights that are necessary for the working class.

Meeting sponsored by, Socialist Equality Party & International Youth and Students for Social Equality

This event has ended