The Nazi rampage in Charlottesville, Virginia and the response of the Trump administration exposed the close connections between the White House and far-right fascistic forces. In the mass of media and political commentary that has followed these events, however, there is no serious examination of the social and political roots of the far-reaching decay of democratic forms of rule in the United States.

Excised from the denunciations of Trump’s comments from the Democratic Party is any reference to the reality of social life in America: the immense growth of social inequality, the extraordinary power of the military-intelligence apparatus, and the consequences of a quarter century of unending war. While presenting the United States as a country seething with racial intolerance, the Democrats have upheld as defenders of democracy the very military generals and corporate executives that are its greatest threat.

Join the IYSSE for a discussion of the nature of the Trump administration and its relationship to the social and political crisis in the United States and internationally.

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