The inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States on January 20 marks a significant political turning point. Trump has assembled a cabinet of billionaires, military generals, and corporate CEOs dedicated to war, the destruction of democratic rights and the eradication of whatever remains of the progressive reforms—achieved through decades of mass struggles—that ameliorated conditions of life for the working class.

The election of Trump has exposed, in all its disgusting nakedness, the reality of oligarchic rule in the United States. However, Trump is not some sort of monstrous interloper in what had been, until Election Day 2016, a flawed but essentially decent society. Trump—the product of the criminal and diseased couplings of the real estate, finance, gambling and entertainment industries—is the genuine face of the American ruling class.

The Democratic Party is concentrating its criticism of Trump not on his ultra-right wing agenda, but on his alleged “softness” toward Russia, there is a burning necessity for workers and young people to develop a genuine political alternative to the policy of war and social reaction that is being planned.

Come hear Jerry White, SEP 2016 Presidential Candidate, speak on the fundamental political issues facing the working class in the era of Trump.

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