World Socialist Web Site Arts Editor David Walsh will be speaking on the topic, “Art, War and Social Revolution.” The meeting will address the present political and cultural situation in the light of American imperialism’s reckless and relentless war drive, which threatens humanity with a global conflagration.

The past decade-and-a-half in particular have witnessed the extraordinary brutalization and degradation of popular culture and artistic life in general in the US. The great majority of the population opposes the endless wars and military-police violence, but the present political system excludes their sentiments and interests.

What has happened to the mass anti-war sentiment in the early 2000s? How have artists (filmmakers, novelists and others) and intellectuals reacted to the growing war danger? Historically, what has been the response of artists to such a danger? How can the struggle against imperialist war and for a socialist culture be advanced?

Walsh is the author of thousands of film reviews and essays on art and history, some of which are collected in the recently published book, The Sky Between the Leaves.

This event has ended