Detroit is a battlefield in a war on the working class.

As schools are crumbling, teachers face demands that they give up pay that they have already earned. Auto workers are forced to accept concession after concession imposed by the corporations and the United Auto Workers. The pensions of city workers and retirees are being ripped away as part of the bankruptcy of Detroit and the restructuring of the city in the interests of the rich.

Youth face a summer of unemployment and low­paying jobs. In nearby Flint, residents have been poisoned by lead­contaminated water due to the criminal actions of government officials at every level.

Conditions in the Detroit­area are a particularly sharp expressions of an all­out assault on the working class throughout the country. The rights of workers are being targeted by a corporate­financial oligarchy that controls both parties and the government as a whole.

Workers are beginning to fight back. The sick­out protests of teachers and the protests of Flint residents point the way forward. These struggles must be united in a powerful counter­offensive based on a new political strategy. Neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party has anything to offer the great majority of the American people except war, political repression and worsening social conditions.

At this meeting, Socialist Equality Party presidential candidate Jerry White will speak about the critical issues facing workers and youth and the basis of his campaign.

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