The burning of the Grenfell Tower public housing apartment building in London, which killed at least 100 people, is a catastrophe created by neglect and outright criminality on the part of the ruling class in England. As in London, the residents of Flint are the victims of a social crime motivated by the mad pursuit of profit by wealthy investors and their political representatives in both big business parties. In both London and Flint – and cities throughout the world – modern-day capitalism is condemning the working class to impossible conditions
and an early grave.

Grenfell and Flint are man-made disasters that are the products of decades of deregulation, austerity and soaring military spending that have led to a massive transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top of society.

The fight against these conditions must be based on the mobilization of the working class – black and white, native-born and immigrant, employed and unemployed- in a common struggle against capitalism and for socialism.

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