The Trump administration is simultaneously escalating war threats against North Korea and Syria. A full war against either country could unleash a direct conflict involving China or Russia, both of which are armed with nuclear weapons.

While the catastrophic consequences are being hidden from the American people, media commentators have begun to warn that “nuclear war has become thinkable again,” and that the conflict in North Korea risks “nuclear miscalculation.” Any war involving nuclear weapons would kill tens of millions of people and threaten the very future of human society.

In its war policy, the Trump administration—supported by the US media and the entire political establishment—is proceeding with enormous recklessness. But this recklessness is a subjective expression of an objective process. The danger of war arises out of the very nature of capitalism, imperialism and the nation-state system.

There is immense opposition to war, in the United States and around the world. But this opposition must be based in the working class, the vast majority of the population, and based on an understanding of the root cause of war.

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